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Measurement and Planning

Suncoast HR Services conducts health checks and gains feedback from employees using the STAR Workplace Program.

A national industry benchmark program, we objectively identify the issues and opportunities in your business.

We measure both employee and employer satisfaction to assess the alignment of your staff with your business strategy. We gather employee feedback and present a comprehensive report.

We identify the challenges and opportunities in the business, review the employee data and feedback using the STAR Workplace Program Results to build a 12 month HR Plan for your business.

Join over 500 businesses across Australasia and become a STAR workplace. This program includes a comprehensive assessment of your business strategy and a review of your workplace culture.

Performance Management, Coaching and Retention

We deliver performance coaching for your business that delivers more than the traditional performance review. 

We can train your management team and first line supervisors in effective performance coaching to deliver performance improvement.

Our programmes for existing staff help to understand mindset, retention risks, and possible actions to address issues.

We always conduct interviews when someone joins an organisation, and some businesses conduct an interview when an employee leaves, but very few have a formal system for monitoring staff engagement and risk. Our Career Monitor programme fills this gap.

If your business has a low retention rate, we can help you to address this.

A big concern for many organisations is staff retention. Aside from the loss of knowledge, recruiting new staff to replace valued team members is expensive. Our programmes can help you improve engagement and save money.

Suncoast HR Workshops

Select from some of our most popular programmes, or we can tailor a programme for your needs. 

We deliver in an engaging and interactive format that will deliver results. 

Succession Planning for Business Owners
Attraction Strategies for Employers
Retention Strategies for Employees
Risk and Compliance Workshop
Performance Coaching Workshop
DiSC workshop for workplaces, sales, teams, or managers
Anti-discrimination, bullying and harassment
The Manager, The Coach, The Mentor
Client Engagement for Improved Sales Performance
• Business Growth Forum

Suncoast HR Services has an extensive background in training and has a range of seminars and workshops to suit all your needs. 

DISC Profiling

Learn how Everything DiSC® Productive Conflict can help you harness the power of workplace conflict.

Personality and ability testing may be invaluable, whether you are recruiting, developing your key people, or looking to understand how your team can work better together.

We also have extensive experience with the Omnia suite of profiles that are particularly useful during recruitment.

Suncoast HR Services can also complete Social + Emotional intelligence (EI/EQ) assessments that measure skill sets such as stress management, resilience, conflict management, building trust, teamwork and collaboration, and much more.

Suncoast HR Services is accredited to use the DiSC profiling tool to identify behavioural style, which can be used to help you and your team improve communication and develop strategies to improve effectiveness. 

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Leadership Coaching and Executive Development Coaching

Leadership Coaching and Executive Development
 can be done on a one-to-one basis or for a team.

Our programmes include individualised solutions for developing people management skills and leadership.

Our Future Leaders Programme is an excellent and proven system for nurturing future talent.